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About us

Cairn Cross Solutions Ltd is the manufacturing and production arm of Cairn Cross Civil Engineering Ltd.

Our latest innovative product in our portfolio is Right Angles; a unique kit, which allows the easy and fast build of all 90° corner shapes. Right Angles gives clean, precise corners and neat chamfers for reinforced concrete structures while ensuring consistent and high quality results every time.

As a company, we are always looking for ways to help improve the environment − that is why all the Right Angles components are fully recyclable. In addition, our research and development team consider our global reach and its effects on our products and ensure that they perform in all weather and temperature conditions.

It is our policy to continue to develop and manufacture new and innovative products for the Global construction industry that strive to deliver time and cost saving solutions.

Internal Dual Form Components Without Nailing Flange
Internal Dual Form Components Without Nailing Flange
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